Website Security

Do you have a recovery plan should your website ever be hacked or crash? The number of attacks on WordPress websites is increasing, so if you have a WordPress website it’s high time to start thinking about website security; how you can reduce risk, minimise damages and ensure business continuity should your website security be breached.

Our WordPress WebProtect service is a simple yet effective website security solution. For just $25 per month, we will protect and defend your website against hackers and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Think of our WebProtect service as an “insurance policy for your website”.

Reducing website security risk

In the first instance, we take preventative measures to reduce the risk of website security breaches, including hacks and crashes, by:

  • Installing malware protection software, and;
  • Managing your WordPress website, in that we update core files, themes and plugins.

Many of these updates include fixes for vulnerabilities, so it is important they are installed as they become available. In fact, not installing updates causes the majority of vulnerabilities.

Responding to website security breaches

Should your website be hacked or crash without this kind of support, it is likely your website (whether in part of full) would be lost. This can lead to loss of business and income, while you incur the added expense of re-building your website, often from scratch.

If you are covered by our WordPress WebProtect service and your website security is breached or the website crashes, we will:

  • Clean all malware
  • Remove your website from Google’s blacklist
  • Restore all backed-up pages

Steps to improved website security

Take a moment to think about how you would recover from a website security breach. Do you have the skills or budget to recover or re-develop an entire website? If not, $25 per month is a small price to pay.

Call us to discuss your website security requirements on 1300 726 040 or send us a message.