Website Performance MonitoringImplementing a regular website performance monitoring regime is key for optimum SEO (search engine optimization) and search engine ranking results.  Website performance monitoring can only be useful if undertaken for a period of time to ensure an accurate gauge of a website’s status.  It is important to understand that information collected as a one-time only exercise is not beneficial and does not accurately represent the overall status or content quality of a website.

A website performance monitoring regime should clearly define the goals and outcomes of what is to be achieved.  The use of relevant KPIs (key performance indicators) to create a clearer picture of what is or isn’t working will better facilitate the monitoring as the SEO efforts will be targeted and well managed.

A website’s purpose is to provide relevant and engaging information to attract visitors and convert these visitors to customers.  Regular monitoring of website content and pages provides an indicator that determines how well the page is performing and its ability to attract visitors.  The information gathered from website monitoring is used as a benchmark to continually improve existing and adding new content.

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