We offer a range of services for the day to day management of your website.

Our website management packages manage your website while you manage your business.

Web hosting refers to a service that provides space for website information such as images, video, or any other content accessible through the web. The information needs to be stored in a location that is permanently connected to the Internet through high speed data lines.

We offer local support with our WordPress web hosting services.

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Website Maintenance

Why our website management service is a good idea for your website?

Website Management

  • Your database needs to be regularly backed up to ensure that in the event your website is ever damaged you do not lose all of your content.
  • Regular updates are a high priority for security related issues.
  • If your website is not regularly maintained, future upgrades may not work properly.
  • Website plugins are regularly updated. Usually the updates are straight forward but sometimes the update may conflict with your existing website resulting in the plugin no longer working.
  • Our monthly packages will keep your website up and running.

Talk to us today about our website management service. Also take a look at our website support page which will give a some more information about how we work and FAQs.




Website Performance Reporting

You've taken the first step and have a new website, but where to from here? It is important to make the most of your investment and measure its performance. How many visitors have come to your website? Where have they come from? How did they find your website? Our monthly reports are the first step in measuring and improving your website's performance and understanding the foundations of SEO.

Our website performance reports provide a snapshot of what your visitors are looking at on your site. It’s all about making the most of your website and using it to its maximum capability. Our reports will assist in optimising your content and targeting the "right" visitors.

Your monthly report include:

  1. The number of visitors to your website each month
  2. What countries your visitors are from
  3. How they found your website
  4. How they are interacting with your website
  5. plus much more

Quality search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you improve your search engine rank, however user behaviour will determine if you stay there.