As soon as your website is live, your next step is to implement your website maintenance.  Your website is a dynamic entity, publicly available to everyone.  The environment of the World Wide Web contains genuine visitors and people who simply want to cause havoc and do what they can to hack your website and destroy all of the hard work you have put in to your website.

This is why website maintenance is important to keep your website as safe and secure as possible from these types of scenarios.

Four key areas of website maintenance

There are 4 specific areas of a WordPress website that should be maintained:

  1. The WordPress framework and installed plugins.
  2. Broken links.
  3. Spam.
  4. Website backups.

The WordPress framework and installed plugins

Firstly, WordPress releases regular updates that include additional functionality, but more importantly, security fixes.  If you are not maintaining your website with these updates, it makes it easier for hackers to hack your website because they know the vulnerabilities of the previous WordPress versions and can exploit these to access your website and do horrible things.

Broken links

Secondly, broken links occur when web pages have been removed, categories don’t exist, posts have been moved or web pages have been renamed.  There are 2 important reasons why broken links should be maintained:

  1. When visitors come to your website and click on a link to only receive a 404 error can lead to visitors not returning to your website.
  2. When Google and other search engines index your website and find that there are pages linking to broken links, they will not rank your website highly.  This means that visitors won’t as easily find your website in search engine results as your ranking will have fallen.

Spam comments

Thirdly, spam are comments that are left on your website that are simply shameless promotion of a product in no way related to your content, automatic comments added to supposedly assist another website with backlinks to their website or to simply hammer your website with meaningless comments with a goal of slowing down the performance of your website.

Website backups

Finally, backing up your website regularly will give you peace of mind that if your website is hacked or something unexpected happens with your website hosting and you lose your entire website, you can restore your website and be back up and running within minutes.

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