Wordfence have published an article based on their research on the effect that a hacked website has on search engine optimization and its search engine rankings.  The research looked at how a hacked website impacts SEO and were these websites flagged by Google. The results showed that only 46.5% of respondents had been flagged by Google, which is quite low and indicates that we can't rely on Google to tell us our website has been hacked.

Statistics revealed areas such as how much was your organic search (search engine optimized) traffic affected before Google flagged the hack against websites that were flagged by Google.  The statistics about the impact of a website hack and how a website's organic traffic recovered from the hack show that statistics aren't positive, with the worst impact being 14% of respondents indicating that they saw a drop of over 75% in traffic.

It was found that the average time for a website to recover from a hack is 7.49 days at an average cost of $2,518.

View the full article from Wordfence here.

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