Regular website maintenance is one of the best ways to minimise being hacked.  When a website is hacked, it's not just the inconvenience of having your website targeted, it's the ripple affect of affecting your online reputation, SEO (search engine optimisation) rankings and the loss of your data.

Google has announced a 180% increase in websites being hacked and provide the top 4 tips to help protect your website.

Strengthen your account security

This is one of the simplest things you can do.  Create a password that is complex and difficult to crack and also consider 2-Factor Authentication.

Keep your website's software updated

When updates are released for plugins that you're using on your website, you will need to update them.  These updates usually include updates to security holes that have been found.

Research how your hosting provider handles security risks

Check with your website hosting provider about how they handle the cleanup of hacked websites.

Use Google tools to stay informed of potential hacked content on your website

Use tools that can help you monitor your website.  The sooner you are aware of any issues, the sooner you can have it cleaned up.

View the full article from Google.

How does this relate to a WordPress website?

  • Maintain plugins with new updates as they are published as they usually contain fixes for security holes.
  • Update the WordPress framework as new versions are released.
  • Regularly backup your website.
  • Add a firewall to protect your website.

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