You've seen the advertisements - website-making services like Wix, Weebly and Vistaprint promising to make you stand out so you can grow your business. But how can anyone stand out with a website that was chosen from one of a small selection of templates, unless you’re ready to drop some major money. But if you're going to pay for an upgraded template that many other businesses are already using then you may as well hire a professional website design service and get a fully customized website that was designed and built for you by a team of experts.

Consider this: businesses invest in designing and fitting out a bricks and mortar office to portray a professional image. Don't you want your online presence to do the same for your business?

There are actually 4 good reasons why you should hire a professional website design service.

4. Total Ownership and Control

Hire a reputable company to design and build you a business website and you'll find that they do much more than that. They will sit down with you before they start any work just so they can get a better idea of who you are and what your business does. They want to gather as much information as they can to help inform their designs. When you visit a website-in-a-box service you see a selection of basically attractive websites that were designed to appeal to the common denominator. The downside is that the ideas are flat and unoriginal. It's like painting your home in neutral beige tone when you're selling your home because it's the least offensive colour. Just because it's the least offensive doesn't make it beautiful!

3. Easy Growth and Expansion

Make sure your website is ready to grow up when you are! The Internet grows and changes every day, as do the website tools available to us. And with the help of social media, online chat and sales tools, there are new ways to draw visitors to your site cropping up all the time. Don't close your website off to the possibility of integrating some of these tool within it. Pre-packaged websites can only grow so much before the designers stops making updates that When using a professional web designer, you can be assured that the site is being created with the latest technologies and according to the latest trends, for optimal success. Many DIY site builders will not allow video, RSS feeds, or links in your website, which can adversely affect your site.

2. More Functionality

Don't settle for a pre-fab online store or appointment booking system that was made to fit someone else's business dealings. You have your own way of doing things and your own innovative ideas. Why not bring pencil to paper and let a professional web development team take their fingers to their keyboard to build it?

The upfront cost is balanced out by the fact that you now have a proprietary piece of technology that allows you to conduct your day-to-day tasks with ease. If those features work really well on the website, you can have your design and programming team create an app out of it.

1. No Conditions, No Boundaries

Unlike other services, you're not bound by the conditions and restrictions of a pre-packaged website. Did you know that the terms and conditions of those website services change almost every year? Be honest when you answer, do you really read through the terms and conditions you get sent every time a social media site gets an update? What would make you so sure you would keep on top of the terms when you have your website hosted with a major company?

This is your business we're talking about. Do you really want all of the content featured on your website to be partly (or even completely) owned by some website service? Don't put your hard work, the information of your clients and your proprietary ideas on the line just for the sake of convenience. A professional design team will typically sign a non-disclosure agreement at the discretion of the client and will securely store only the design information they may need to make website updates in the future. You would never want a professional designer to use the website they build to collect information about your clients for their own use. So, why let a website service do it?

There really are no successful one-size-fits-all solutions to websites, website tools or apps. Take the beauty and functionality of your business' website more into your own hands. Later on, when you notice that the website building service you had your eye on has closed down while your website is thriving and pulling in tons of organic traffic from expertly applied SEO, you'll be thankful you did.

Don't you want your very own professionally designed website?

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