An SEO backlink or incoming link is a link from another website that links to a page on your website.

Backlinks help to increase traffic to your website

Firstly, your website needs to be optimised for search engine optimisation. This means using the right structure, keywords and SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies, your website will have the best opportunity to rank in search engine results.

This means that when someone searches for something in a search engine, your website will rank well in the search engine results (hopefully better than your competitors). Search engine optimisation is important and you need to keep it in mind when building your website.

What is a backlink?

While the website structure and keywords are an important reference when building your website, the most important factor of good SEO for the longevity and success of your website is adding and maintaining backlinks. The reason is simple.

Search engines use backlinks to rate how relevant or valuable your website is. If you have a large number of websites linking to you, it signifies to search engines that your website is reputable and is worth displaying high in the search engine results.

Whilst the quantity of backlinks contributing to your ranking is important, it’s also important to make sure that you maintain high quality backlinks as well.

Avoid using backlinks from websites that don’t have anything to do with your site. It is advised to have backlinks coming from other highly ranking websites if they are related to yours.

There are many ways to go about building backlinks. You can hire a service to do it for you, but just make sure that you do the research to ensure that you get high quality links for what you are paying for. You can also do this yourself. It is a time-consuming process and can be frustrating, but it is a significant contributor to the successful ranking of your website.

If you take on the link building process yourself, you can:

  • Manually request other websites to link to you.
  • Submit your website manually to the most reputable directories.
  • Submit articles that link back to your website to article directories.
  • Participate in forums and other social media platforms so that people are constantly clicking on your link.

These are just a few suggestions of the many ways that you can increase the number of quality SEO backlinks to your website.

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