Search Engine Optimisation is all about updating and refreshing your website content and targeting keywords/phrases for search engine results. Regularly updating and adding engaging content can help with attracting more visitors and converting these visitors into customers. To help you understand how to optimise your website, here are four things to avoid that can affect the effectiveness if your website SEO.

Poor Keyword Selection

When you select keywords make sure that you don’t select highly unique or highly popular keywords. If you use unique keywords, you may rank at the top of the search engine results, but you may not be targeting the relevant traffic. Similarly, if you use very popular keywords, you will find your website fighting high competition from competitors who are already ranking well.  Take some time to research relevant keywords/phrases that potential visitors are looking for to find the products and services your business provides.

Don’t Ignore Title Tags

Often people ignore the title tags of a website which can greatly improve search engine rankings by using your keywords in the title tag.  This will assist the search engines in finding the relevant keywords at the beginning of the web page, which can make it easier and faster to be indexed.

Failing to Provide a Sitemap

It is important to provide a sitemap for search engines to effectively crawl your website and index your website content. If search engines are unable to crawl and index your website, you will fail to get reasonable search engine results.

Using too many images for menus and headings: Although images make your web page look great, using text for menus and headings helps search engines to easily crawl the website. Search engines can’t read images, so ensure that you include a title tag with relevant keywords. This also assists visually impaired visitors, as a relevant title tag explains what the image is.

Backlink Spamming

Avoid getting backlinks using bought links, link farms, hidden links etc. You will benefit by creating backlinks from relevant and authentic websites like article directories. Similarly, using too much interlinking is also considered as backlink spamming which the search engines do not like.

There are other small issues such as as grammatical or spelling mistakes which can reflect poorly on the professional image of your business.

Your website should be updated regularly with fresh content and avoid these search engine optimization mistakes which can be ineffective and affect performance.  For assistance with search engine optimization and website performance monitoring, call us on (07) 5641 1090 or email us.

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