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WordPress Website Maintenance


Introducing Website Maintenance Packages

Owning a website is not as simple set and forget.  Your website is a dynamic entity, publicly available to everyone.  The environment of the World Wide Web contains genuine visitors and people who simply want to cause havoc and do what they can to hack your website and destroy all of the hard work you have put in to your website. This is why it is important to maintain your website to keep it as safe as possible from these types of scenarios. There are 4 specific areas of a WordPress website that should be maintained:

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Latest New From WordPress

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WordPress 3.8 has recognised that the Internet is accessed in different ways by different people. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop – WordPress will now adapt to devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops to give you a smooth experience.

How does this affect you?  If you manage your WordPress website from a phone or tablet, you will now find it easier, especially when it comes to adding widgets (you can tap an Available widget then choose where to place it, rather than dragging it.  This will work on your desktop also.


Tips and Tricks: Scheduling WordPress Posts

WordPress Tips and Tricks
You don’t need to write WordPress blog posts or articles each time you want to publish them.  If you find yourself with some time in your schedule, take advantage of this time and write a number of articles and schedule them to be published in the future. To schedule a post for later, click the Edit link next to the Publish Immediately option.  This is located in the Publish section to the right of your post draft. Select the time and date when you want to publish your post click OK. The Publish button will change to Schedule.  Click the Schedule button to activate your scheduled settings. If required, you can always change the scheduled date and time by clicking the Edit link again. Take advantage of our Website Maintenance packages to manage and maintain your WordPress website.

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Website Maintenance Packages
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