Google’s 6 Elements of SEO

If you’re new to SEO (search engine optimization), you may be thinking what is SEO and where do I start?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing elements of your website to improve organic search results.  This does not have any effect on paid or sponsored ads such as Google AdWords.  In short, SEO is about making small changes to different elements of your website.  Individually these changes don’t seem like much, but when viewed together will all optimizations on the website, will have a noticeable impact on your website’s performance.

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Google has published its Search Engine Opimization Starter Guide to guide you through the elements of SEO and how to implement them into your website.

The starter guide introduces you to the following topics:

  • SEO Basics
  • Improving Sire Structure
  • Optimizing Content
  • Dealing with Crawlers
  • SEO for Mobile Phones
  • Promotions and Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization

How do you know if your SEO has worked?

Google Search Console is a free tool available from Google that gathers information by crawling and indexing your website.  To analyse the traffic coming to your website you will also need to setup your Google Analytics account.  Google Analytics will give you insight into:

  • How visitors reached your website
  • What they are doing on your website
  • Measure the impact of the optimizations you’ve made to your website

This guide is a great resource tool that defines the technical components and outlines how to implement them on your website with the goal of improving your organic search engine ranking.

There is a great range of resources that can help you to understand SEO and how Google search works.

We provide Search Engine Optimization services that will have your website ranking well organically in search results.
Call us on 1300 726 040.

By Sharon Rigano